Green and Pink Silk Dhoti Set in Digital Print


Rs. 9,199.00 INR

Estimated Dispatch Time: For Domestic Delivery, Dispatch Timing 7-15 Days. For International Delivery, Dispatch Timings 15-25 Days.

Style your personality as impressive as you are with this Pink and green Silk Dhoti Set for Women. The latest piece of beauty is simply crafted with the coolest patola print designs and embroidery. The gorgeous ethnic wear is the perfect match to wear in weddings, festivals, and other occasions.


The glory of ethnic wear is enhanced by digital prints and sequence embroidery.

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Silk and Chiffon Fabric is used to give an outline to this attire. The relaxing, durable, and light-weight attire to your day lighter and shiner.


Color Variations possible depending on lights & devices used during photography & also device used to watch picture

Please note that the outfit's color may vary slightly due to digital photography.

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