Green Cotton Silk Kurta Set in Resham Work


Rs. 6,819.00 INR

Estimated Dispatch Time: For Domestic Delivery, Dispatch Timing 7-15 Days. For International Delivery, Dispatch Timings 15-25 Days.

Defining the latest green kurta set is the perfect match for the groom to wear in Mehendi function. The premium kurta set for men is totally made with cotton silk and spellbound embroideries to style your personality. Wear this ethnic attire to mark your day memorable.


Bloom one more time pleasing and charming with elegant Resham and mirror embroidery of this wedding attire.

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The soft and traditional touch of this attire is crafted with cotton silk fabric.


Color Variations possible depending on lights & devices used during photography & also device used to watch picture

Please note that the outfit's color may vary slightly due to digital photography.

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