Mustard Silk Kurta With Floral Motifs For Men

SKU: H-007

Rs. 7,599.00 INR

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The importance of traditional attire during Indian festivals and special occasions cannot be overstated. It goes beyond aesthetics; it reflects our cultural heritage and is a testament to our deep-rooted traditions. Unveil your inner radiance with our resplendent Kurta for Men in a magnificent shade of Mustard.


The embroidery on this Kurta Set is a true labor of love, reflecting our dedication to excellence. Every petal, every leaf, and every intricate detail of the flower motif on our Mustard Silk Kurta Set is a testament to the skillful craftsmanship behind it. The delicate blooms intertwine in harmonious precision, creating a mesmerizing drapery of intricate detailing. Each thread is carefully chosen to bring life to this floral masterpiece, showcasing our unwavering commitment to delivering products of the highest quality.


Silk, renowned for its rich texture and shine, envelops the wearer in sheer luxury. Its lightweight and breathable nature ensures comfort even during extended wear, while its insulating properties make it ideal for various climates. Wearing silk is more than donning a garment; it's an experience. It's a tactile indulgence that speaks of refinement and sophistication. This Wedding Kurta embraces the wearer in comfort and grace, making them stand out effortlessly.


Color Variations possible depending on lights & devices used during photography & also device used to watch picture.

Please note that the outfit's color may vary slightly due to digital photography.

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