Peach Chiffon Kurta Set in Mirror Work


Rs. 5,199

Only 5 pieces in stock!

The peach chiffon kurta set with Resham work and mirror work on the full body of attire is an example of the exquisite craftsmanship and design that has made it a favorite among Indian men's attire. The color scheme is tailored to make you stand out in the crowd.


Bloom one more time pleasing and charm with elegant resham and mirror embroidery of this wedding attire.

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Chiffon's sheer, floaty, and sparkly nature makes it an excellent summer choice for adding a touch of elegance while keeping the wearer cool.



Dedicated fashion access

Spoil yourself with more than 1000 varieties of classic styles best suited to your taste.


Exclusive Collection launches

A design that has caught your attention but it hasn’t launched yet? Consider it yours. Here at Shreeman, we bring you the latest collection before launch.


Quality Re-assurance

Quality is as important for us as trust. We do a strict quality check before our product even arrives at your doorstep.


Unparalleled style

Feel the radiance of ember sculpted grace of silk brocades, crafted especially for you by the leading upcoming talents.


Stunning Artistry

The finest essence of bridal designed by exceptional craftsmen awaits you. Experience beauty of your taste like never before, be it Pure silk Lehenga Choli to concept sarees or Sherwani

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